The Blessed Virgin
in the Revised Roman Liturgy
Date Title Rank
01 Jan. Mary, Mother of God Solemnity
02 Feb. Presentation of the Lord Feast
11 Feb. Our Lady of Lourdes Optional Memorial
25 Mar. Annunciation of the Lord Solemnity
31 May Visitation Feast
Movable Immaculate Heart of Mary Optional Memorial
16 Jul. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Optional Memorial
05 Aug. Dedication of St. Mary Major Optional Memorial
15 Aug. Assumption Solemnity
22 Aug. Queenship of Mary Memorial
08 Sep. Birth of Mary Feast
12 Sep. Holy Name of Mary Optional
15 Sep. Our Lady of Sorrows Memorial
07 Oct. Our Lady of the Rosary Memorial
21 Nov. Presentation of Mary Memorial
08 Dec. Immaculate Conception Solemnity
12 Dec. Our Lady of Guadaloupe Feast
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